The company TEMPISH s.r.o produces sports equipment under the TEMPISH brand since 1994, when the company was founded. On January 1st 2005 the company changed its legal form from the association of individuals to a Ltd. company.
The founding of the company is connected with the entry of a new sports branch and a new phenomenon of end of twenty century- Inline skating. This sport and recreational activity has achieved a massive development in the last quarter of a century, when almost every child and the majority of adults use the inline skates for their sports- or sports-recreational activities.
The range of products has been gradually diversified with the other accessories such as gloves, helmets, backpacks and bags, sportswear, glasses, etc.
A substantial expansion of TEMPISH brand products happened at the end of the 1990s. At that time, we started to sell under the TEMPISH brand scooters, skateboards, ice skates, floorball sticks and other sports equipment.
Today TEMPISH brand is registered and protected in 36 countries of the world and we export to more than 45 countries all around the world.
The main goal of the company is to supply sports equipment for mass sports use. Our products are intended mostly for recreational, amateur and performance use, in some specific categories also for top level sport. We have been focusing on higher quality and more comfortable use of products during the sports load for the last years.

Tomáš Hromádka