1. Basic recreational use

This product is intended for occasional recreational sporting purposes. It is suitable especially for beginners and children who thus get a chance to learn basics of the sport and later they can switch to higher-quality products according to their specific needs. The design and used materials of the product can withstand only low and short-term load. It is not suitable for higher sports load.

2. Recreational sport use

These products are intended for recreational sports. They are suitable for recreational sportsmen who can handle the basics of the sport. The design and materials withstand light, regular load. The product is not intended for high sports load.

3. Amateur sport use

These mid-level products are very popular with active recreational users. These products are suitable for regular sport use, withstand medium load and are usually equipped with basic safety and comfort features. The design and materials are adjusted to medium load and more frequent use of these products. They provide beginning sportsmen with very comfortable feeling during sports. For intermediate sportsmen these products offer a possibility to adjust the usage to their technical and physical needs.

4. Performance sport use

These products are intended for performance sportsmen and regular sports load. Materials, technology and design of these products can withstand higher regular load. For these products various functional materials and structures are used which enhance effectivity, comfort and safety of the user. These products are intended for performance sportsmen, or for advanced sportsmen who use the product in more demanding conditions and burden them more and regularly.

5. Load performance sport use, professional sport

Products in this category can be used in performance and professional sports. They are equipped with the latest features in the field of comfort, safety, enhancement of the performance and use of energy during sports activities. They are equipped with modern materials which affect the function of product and actively influence its features. Products marked with this level can withstand extreme sport load and enable the user to achieve high athletic performance and ensure high comfort and safety.