The season 2018 through the TEMPISH Heartbeat inline team’s eyes


The season 2018 through the TEMPISH Heartbeat inline team’s eyes

This year's season was very successful for our team. Our competitors were seen across the categories at the national level at the Czech Cup races, where we have won several titles of the Czech Champions, as well as at the world level in World Cup races WIC.

Michal Prokop, who achieved number 1 in the team and became the national champion in the marathon in Most as well as in the half marathon in Opava, has experienced a great year. He also represented us at the World Championship in Herde and the Oostednde European Championship. In the final WIC race at the Berlin Marathon, he even managed to reach an unbelievable time of 58:21 to 42km to set a new Czech marathon record. In the World Cup rankings, Michal was the 15th overall, which is a stunning result in such a tight competition!

Traditionally, another representative Ondra Suchy, who had enough bad luck at the start of the season and fell several times, has been performing great results. On the field of the Czech Cup, however, he was mostly fighting for the leading positions with the already mentioned Michal Prokop. In the final evaluation of the Czech Cup, Ondrej is 1st in front of Michal Prokop.

Matěj Hloušek made it several times to the winner's podium in the home Czech Cup and managed to complete the whole World Cup with a total of 23rd place overall.

Nikča Šimonidesová would currently need a training partner for the team, which is worked on successfully and from next year we will have three new names in the female category. Nikča showed some great results and she stood on the podium several times. Most recently in Opava, where she became the Czech Vice-Champion of the Czech Republic on the half marathon.

Martin Labuz, the wolf of our team, who shows an unprecedented form and unbelievable results at his age! Several times, he stood at the podium in the Czech Cup and in WIC in Ostrava he was in category 4th. In Prague at GIC even 3rd. His shape is year after year better and better, so we wonder how much he will still grow in the future.

This year, we were also allowed to be part of Le Man, the most popular 24-hour race in the world, where we took the 5th place overall and we were 4th in the category. It was a really great experience and we hope to come back and try again to fight for victory.

This year, an Inline School for the youngest children in kindergarten and primary schools has also been set up and we can already say that this school has a huge reputation and we are very happy that sports and skating are among the smallest. We are also planning a project that will help the smallest ones who have not been so lucky in their lives and can not get to skating otherwise.

From next year, TEMPISH Heartbeat inline will be expanded by another 5 great racers, and we believe that in the races and results, everyone will see us very high!