World inline cup Dijon


A traditional World Cup marathon was held on Sundaym May, 12th in Dijon, France. This year, there was on one big circuit that led skaters from the historic city center to the hills among the local vineyards. Despite the sunny weather, an uneasy task in the form of a hilly track enhanced by unpleasant winds was waiting for the competitors. Traditionally, the whole French top group, including excellent skaters from Spain, Italy, Belgium and Germany, including the current world champion Felix Rijhnen, has traditionally met at the start. From TEMPISH Heartbeat inline team, Michal Prokop was at the start. 25 km before the finish, the young French skater Timothy Loubineaud, who kept his lead to the finish, managed to escape. For another positioning was fought in a large main group, where Bart Swings from Belgium won a bronze medal and Nolan Bediaf from France a silver medal. Michal Prokop arrived in the final spurt in the main group together with Bart Swings, Felix Rijhnen and other world top skaters and finished on the 15th place.